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Is there security on the premises?

A site control team will be present throughout the weekend to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all and to protect the collection of cars and other equipment on site. However, it is important to note that owners remain fully responsible for their vehicles and that the Auto Show Gatineau is not responsible for any damage or problem with your vehicle.

How do I register for the event?

Visit the “Participate” tab to register for the stream of your choice for the event.

Are there food concessions on site during the event?

Exceptionally for the 2021 edition, there will be no food concession on site due to the pandemic. We strongly recommend to all our exhibitors to bring their own food.

What are the opening hours of the event?

For the 2021 edition, the exhibits will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm on the day of the event, but beware! Be sure to reserve your ticket before entering, as only people with a ticket will be admitted to the site!

What are the rules for animals on site? Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome but must always be kept on a leash. Cars are the pride and joy of the owners. Some car paints are priceless. We rely on your common sense to keep your pet away from cars and other visitors. Activities with your pet may also be available.

What are the fees/rates for attending weekend activities?

All activities, shows, concerts, auctions, and admission are free to the public.


A fee of $15 + tax is applicable for car exhibitors.

What are the schedules and shuttle bus routes to the event?

This information will be communicated to you in more detail a few months before the event.

What are the activities and programming for the event?

For the 2021 edition, the event will take place under an alternative format, because of the pandemic. The 30th anniversary of the organization’s foundation will be held as a pedestrian route. Festival-goers will be able to admire the cars of the exhibitors, whether they are modern or old, while experiencing the atmosphere of the decade to which the car belongs.

Will the event still take place if it rains?

The event will take place rain or shine. However, some activities may have to be cancelled or adjusted in case of thunderstorm.