Show n'shine

The exhibition Show n'shine is the unique opportunity to share your passion for the automobile with an audience of admirers. Come admire the work of car enthusiasts: those who restore them, those who rub them, those who modify them and those who leave them only a few times a year. Economic cars, vintage cars, vintage cars, modern cars, classics such as rarities, performers and intriguers will be at the rendezvous for festival-goers.

From Saturday, car enthusiasts are invited to come and exhibit their cars for the delight of young people of all ages!

Parking on the site

All show cars are invited to park on the site. Get a weekend pass here. $ 30 fee applies *

Show n'Shine prizes

The evaluation to win a Show n'Shine prize will take place on Sunday from 11:00.


07:00 Doors open for the arrival of the motor show
11:00  End of registration of vehicles
11:00  Beginning of the evaluation
14:00  End of the evaluation
15:00  Prizes and trophies


Rating categories

Trophies will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd place for the following categories

  1. Production 1948
  2. Production 1949-1954
  3. Production 1955-1959
  4. Production 1960-1964
  5. Production 1965-1967
  6. Production 1968-1970
  7. Production 1971-1973
  8. Production 1974-1981
  9. Production 1982-1990
  10. Production 1991-2000
  11. 2001 – Present
  12. Street Rods
  13. Trucks - Production
  14. Trucks - Modified
  15. Mustangs Production - 1986
  16. Mustangs 1987 – Present
  17. Mustangs - Modified 
  18. Corvette
  19. British cars
  20. Volvo
  21. Jeep
  22. Motorcycles
  23. German cars
  24. Italian cars
  25. Camaro/Firebird 1967-1981
  26. Camaro/Firebird 1982 – Present
  27. Euro - Compacts

A trophy will be awarded for the following category

  • People's choice

The festival is a non-profit organization. All revenues are used to organize the festival and pay operating costs.