For car owners

Each year we offer more

Your car is the center of attention

The Gatineau Auto Show offers many opportunities to show your dedication to your car.

  • Beach night on Friday for car enthusiast
  • Park and show on Saturday, Car auction


First, Friday night you can bring your show car in the Park and experience the free concerts. For more information, click here.


Come for the Park and Show.  

A cruise-in day to show off your ride in a relaxed atmosphere.  Talk with other enthusiasts and share your passion.


M.A.S.C. Idol

After, stick around for the M.A.S.C. Idol at 14:00.  If you feel your car is up for it, you can submit your candidacy to our selection committee.  For more information, click here.



This year we will select 50 of our favorite vehicle to become Favorite 50 winners. Since we judge based solely on what we consider to be our favorite vehicles, anyone can win.  As a bonus to be named a Favorite 50 Winner, you will be asked to return the following year to compete for the honor of MASC Idol for a trip to Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For more information, click here.