The team of the Auto-Show takes this opportunity to thank the support of the automobile clubs, car enthusiasts, volunteers, visitors, the City of Gatineau and all current and future partners. The Gatineau Auto-Show is a non-profit corporation.

The board of directors and officers for the Gatineau Auto-Show.

  • Mr. Martin Lacasse, President
  • Mr. Stéphane Ritchot, Vice President
  • Mr. Hans Lacasse, Treasurer
  • Mr. Alexandre Tremblay, Secretary
  • Mr. Robert Perron, Prevention Director
  • Mr. Stephane Durette, Logistics Director
  • Mr. Wayne Veary, Administrator
  • Mr. Benoit Brière, Observer of the City of Gatineau and chief of Division fêtes et festivals


Who we are

Martin Lacasse

Businessman and philanthropist, Martin Lacasse is among those who have distinguished themselves by their exemplary progress and remarkable achievements.

Stephane Ritchot

With more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment business, and as a professional senior project manager, Stephane Ritchot brings his expertise to value his community.

Stephane Durette

With over 20 years of experience in program and project management and several years in event logistics dealing with city requirements, he can help you navigate the pitfalls and red-tape that are part of the logistics that surround event planning.

Hans Lacasse


Alexandre Tremblay