It all started when Mr. Sylvestre organized the International Catamaran Regattas at the Aylmer marina with a partner. Mr. Sylvestre discussed with buddies and said he would have to do something to draw people in Aylmer. Apart from the Outaouais en fête and a party organized by the Knights of Columbus, there was nothing major.  So part of this competition to entertain visitors, the first exhibition was set up by Jean-Pierre Sylvestre and drew 50 cars in 1991. This affiliation amid boats, regattas, was still very present, because it was the "Corporation des voiles d'Aylmer" (founded in 1992) who organized the Auto Show.


The Quebec government grants a subsidy to Mr. Sylvestre to organize an important event. A market survey was conducted and the car show was ready for a new platform, but with a new context. "We created the Summer Festival of Aylmer. But it lasted only one year because the government only grants the money once and said that the city had to take over!" All of this falls into the water, but good news came from this new spring Adventure, remembers Gilles Laroche, cars acted as magnets with visitors, across all other family activities of the summer festival.


It was in 1994 that the event we know today gets the biggest boost in its history. A tornado hit Aylmer. "It happened on a Thursday evening, the night before the festival weekend. Everyone came to see the damaged homes in Aylmer caused by the tornado. They saw the Auto Show ads, and all came to the marina. The number of visitors reached the thousands for the first time. The success of the Aylmer Auto-Show resulted from the combination of the hard work of the organizers, a little luck, the quality of the site and democratization of this passion that is the automobile.


Mr. Sylvestre, overlooking the start of the 20th edition, said his team was tired. And the lack of succession weighs heavily on the organization. "I'm now 65 years old and my team of volunteers is even older. Unfortunately we found no young people ready to give their time as volunteers to organize this festival, "he explaind. After searching a succession for five years - and facing all these frustrations - he and his team decided that the 20th Auto-Show would be the last, unless another group gives serious signs of life for taking it over.


A new group has taken over the organization giving it a closer vocation to the youth's tastes and the City of Gatineau has maintained its financial assistance. New elements have been added to the program, including an exhibition of exotic cars and another reserved for German cars. The organizers of the Gatineau Auto Show believes the event will attract between 5,000 and 10,000 people during the weekend. About 200 classic cars, modern, exotic and sports are expected in the field of Parc des Cèdres.


In 2015 was held the third Gatineau Auto Show in Aylmer under the current Board of Directors. The event has certainly received much more visitors than in previous years. This event between car enthusiasts from Friday to Sunday and it is estimated that some 25,000 people converged on the Aylmer Marina to admire the cars. The Gatineau Auto Show also presented the public with musical performances and humor, namely the provision of humorist François Massicotte. A family area and various activities were also planned.