Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there a cost to attend comedy shows and concerts?

All activities, shows, concerts, auction, and admission are free for the public.

Q. What's the Park and Show activity on Saturday?

The Park and Show activity is a free event open to all exhibition cars. This is a perfect opportunity to expose for free, your vehicle while attending the preliminary MASC Idol and to share your passion with other festival goers and car owners. You can also remain on the site with your vehicle during the free comedy shows in the evening.

Q. Are dogs allowed on the site?

Dogs are welcomed, but must be held with a leash. The cars are the pride an joy of the owners.  Some exceeding value to priceless paint jobs.  We rely on your good sense to keep your pet away from the cars and other visitors.

Q. Is there security on site?

Prevention services will be active throughout the weekend to ensure a healthy environment for all and to protect the collection of cars and other equipment on the site. Although security is 24 hours, the owners remain fully responsible for their car.

Q. Are there are food vendors at the Auto Show?

Yes, at least 6 food kiosks will be on hand to offer you a variety of food choices.