Show n'Shine formula

Car Show model for 2019

The Gatineau Auto Show is moving towards a new model of car show.  Wayne Veary, car enthusiast of well known reputation, is now leading and bringing his expertise to our event.  Like the major car shows, Wayne is raising the stakes for the Gatineau Auto Show.  The new formula will highlight the favorite 50 cars and specialty awards.

Favorite 50

This year we will select 50 of our favorite vehicle to become Favorite 50 winners. Since we judge based solely on what we consider to be our favorite vehicles, anyone can win.  As a bonus to be named a Favorite 50 Winner, you will be asked to return the following year to compete for the honor of M.A.S.C. Idol for a trip to Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sponsors Specialty Awards

Favorites will include; Buick, Chevy, Classic, European, Asian, Vintage, Motorcycle, Truck, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mopar, Ford, Hot Rod, Paint, Engine

President’s pick - Our President will pick his favorite.

Sunday: The traditional Show n'Shine and the grand finale of M.A.S.C. Idol.

07:00 Gates open for show car arrival

09:00 Car registration

11:00 End of car registration

11:00 Judging time

14:00 End of judging time

15:00 M.A.S.C. Idol winner announcement

15:10 Awards and Trophies

17:00 Show closure



Save 5$ by registering before July 31st, 2018 and automatically register to win an early bird draw for a prize value of 300$. Please keep your Paypal receipt for proof of payment at the show.

Pre-registration price : $10
Registration in August : $20

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