VWGIRLS at the Auto Show

VWGIRLS is a worldwide organization with more than 1300 women with a passion for modified Volkswagen/Audi. Founded in 2012, this group, which quickly gained in momentum, was founded in Quebec with the hope of uniting and encouraging women in the automobile industry.

With over 1000 members, VWGIRLS is an international car crew consisting only of females who have a deep passion for Volkswagens and/or Audis. Based in Canada, it is not only the biggest all-car girl crew in the country, it is the biggest Volkswagen themed all-girl crew worldwide. VWGIRLS attend all the big car events in their specified area to support their love of Volkswagens and encourage other girls to do the same. We currently have members representing from Canada, United States, Sweden, England, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and many more! We want to keep growing and have members representing in all countries and regions! That is the reason VW Girls was created.

VW Girls first came to life on August 12th, 2013; created by a girl who wanted to share her enthusiasm for Volkswagens with others. First, she created a page on Instagram (@vwgirls) strictly reserved to girls with Volkswagens. Wanting to not only see their cars, but speak with them, she then created a private Facebook group where girls could chat, ask questions, and share her love for Volkswagens with others like her. The Instagram page grew quickly, and it was impressive to see how many girls actually had a true passion for these cars. That is when the idea of a girls-only Volkswagen Crew came up. There were a lot of ''car girl'' crews in the automotive scene already but, at the time, none were dedicated to only one brand. Also, none were officially organized. Most groups would simply ask for a picture of your car, and then you would automatically become a member.

Becoming a VW Girl isn’t as easy. To become part of the team, you have to fill out a two-page application. All of our members have a Member Identification number and are well identified. With their Member ID associated with their application, we know which car(s) every girl in our crew has, as well as their name, location, modifications, preferences, and social media information. This helps us keep in touch and stay organized.

Melissa Savard Founder - CEO